Wrapped Around An Axle... 

Posted by Duane Doutel May 04, 2011
Argh. Got around to looking at availability of trademarking the name for our Child Internet Safety and Parental Control application today, as we're preparing to move into beta with it, and it would appear that the name I wanted is not... read more

Child Internet Safety And Parental Control 

Posted by Duane Doutel September 21, 2010
Over the last several months, we've been working on a child internet safety and parental control application. This project came into being as the result of ongoing conversations we've had with a colleague who has several children of primary school... read more

Dingletown Site Skin Fully Ported 

Posted by Duane Doutel December 15, 2009

The Dingletown Community Church website skin port to mojoPortal is complete. We're just waiting for customer content, now. Have a look! Dingletown Community Church

Problem Solved! 

Posted by Duane Doutel December 05, 2009
Moving all existing center panel content on the Dingletown website into the top alternate panel solved the issue of the background color being two-toned. Now all that remains is the issue of the Wrap2.png extending below the page footer.... read more

Dingletown Community Church Web Site Project 

Posted by Duane Doutel December 03, 2009
Here's a link to the Dingletown Community Church site. Coming along very nicely; just a few small CSS issues which you can see with FireBug (wrap2.png extending below the page footer, and on pages with a lot of content such as the Church History... read more

It's All Good! 

Posted by Webmaster December 02, 2009
For the last few weeks, I've been getting up to speed on my very favorite open-source discovery: mojoPortal Content Management System by Joe Audette (Get it here!). mojoPortal is an incredibly full-featured ASP.NET-based CMS built in C#. More on... read more